Monday, June 27, 2011


My Perspective Is Getting Clearer As My Eyes Get Blurrier
Why is it that I can’t get through singing America the Beautiful without tears in my eyes anymore? Can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance without my right hand over my heart and eyes shining?  Can’t talk about the military without getting passionate and defensive? The words haven’t changed – it’s still the same song I sang growing up. And, it’s not like people are spying on who pledges with their hands over their hearts & who doesn’t or people are taping conversations to listen to how respectfully you talk about our soldiers …. BUT, let me tell you, my perspective has definitely changed!
I grew up in a very spoiled time of history – and a very “war-innocent” period. None of our family served in Vietnam and I wasn’t quite old enough for that to impact me. World wars were part of my history curriculum and current war-torn countries were all on the other side of the world. I lived in the peaceful United States of America … where it felt like nothing bad ever happened.
Then came the 1990’s and I became a mother for the first time and our country went to war in the Gulf. I was glued to the TV set trying to keep up on everything we were doing. I was mesmerized as I prayed for our military and for their families in every branch. Selfishly, I was incredibly thankful that my boys weren’t old enough to be overseas protecting us.

Twenty years have come and gone since my first experience with our country at war. And I know one thing for sure, the older I get, the more I appreciate being an American. The prouder I become of what it means to fly the red, white, and blue! And the more overwhelmed I am to experience a freedom that so many have given their lives for. These are no longer words – but deep, deep truths that are a part of who I am.
I don’t think you can possibly understand a deeper meaning of freedom until you’ve lived long enough to have it threatened. As a young person, you don’t realize freedom comes with an incredibly high price tag! Unbelievably high! 

  • Freedom comes with boundaries that must be maintained – it’s not a whimsical open space. Lines must be drawn and protected.
  • Freedom provides a sense of peace and well-being versus the state of oppression. The loss of expression robs us of more than we realize.
  • Freedom instills and builds a confidence as opposed to life void of destiny or purpose, which in turns leads to a hopeless future. People die without hope.
  • Freedom is dignity with a head held high versus cowering and existing in shame. It’s knowing who you are and why you are here.
  • Freedom is responsibility taken seriously: responsibility to a family, to a community, to a country. It fully recognizes that one doesn’t live in autonomy.
  • Freedom is a costly gift fought for – not an inherent right. May those who have freedom treat it as such!
I am thankful for a clearer perspective and I hope my eyes tear up for the rest of my life every time we sing about our freedom. And when it comes to freedom, I hope your eyes get blurrier the older you get as well.

Let's take all take a moment to share our thoughts on freedom and perspective - what are yours?


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