Love Givers

love the people in their world intentionally & creatively


LOVE YOUR KIDS - Write a note to each of your kids expressing one character trait you appreciate about them. Then put the note in their lunch or on their pillow.

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - Call your spouse today telling them the top 3 reasons you respect him/her.

LOVE YOUR AUNT/UNCLE - Send a card to your aunt/uncle sharing with them a favorite memory or why you think they are the greatest.

LOVE THE ELDERLY - Either give a gift certificate for a professional pedicure or you can do it yourself - but love on an elderly person by taking care of their feet. 

LOVE YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE - Place a small basket by the bed for him/her to wake up to. Fill it with his/her favorite drink, favorite candy, favorite snack, & a note sharing a "favorite" you are going to give him/her later that night.

LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR - Bring your neighbor some fresh cut flowers or a flower they can plant in their yard this May 1st -- May Day. Choose a different neighbor every year.

LOVE YOUR MOM - Write out your heart's prayer for your mother on beautiful stationary - surprise her with it as one of her gifts this Mother's Day.

LOVE YOUR MOTHER - Give you mom 3 cards this year ... one to be opened on Saturday, one to be opened on Sunday, & one to be opened on Monday ... let her know that there's too much love for her to be expressed in only one day!

LOVE YOUR MOMMA -  Have you ever served your mother? Have you ever rubbed lotion into her hands for her or washed her feet and given her a pedicure? Have you ever brought you mom a meal and cleaned up afterwards? Have you ever done all her laundry, folded it, & put it all away?  Have you ever weeded her flower beds or gone through her house & replaced all her light bulbs that have gone out? Give your mom the gift of service this year!

LOVE SOMEONE HURTING - Who needs a phone call letting them know that you are a listening ear? Who needs a card in their mailbox telling them they are not forgotten? Who needs a text or an email reminding them that they are not alone? Reach out.

LOVE A SECRETARY - Within a business, the secretary can be considered "behind-the-scenes" or a little invisible at times. This person is who makes the 'up front' employee look so good. Tell them. Thank them. Be specific about how the office runs differently because of this person's efforts. (and just imagine one day without him/her - scary thought)

LOVE A FRIEND OF YOUR KID - Next time a friend comes over to your home, extend a huge welcome. Make sure you stop what you are doing & look him/her in the eyes when you talk to him/her. Ask them questions about their life, their opinions, their thoughts. Show genuine interest and care.

LOVE A WOMAN - Open your eyes to all women you come in contact with today. Smile at each one. Share a sincere compliment. Look for ways you can help her -- open a door for a mom carrying a baby, allow a woman with impatient kids to go in front of you in line, pay for the woman's Starbucks order behind you.

LOVE YOUR CHILD SECRETLY- Surprise each of your kids by doing one of their chores without them knowing who did it. 

LOVE YOUR MAN - Run and greet him with a huge hug and kiss the minute he walks in the door today. Whisper in his ear that you are so thankful for the way he takes care of his family. Then look him in his baby blues (or browns or greens) and tell him how proud you are to be his wife.

LOVE A GRANDPARENT - Have children call their grandma/grandpa today & sing," Happy grandma/grandpa day to you, happy grandma/grandpa day to you, you are the best grandma/grandpa, happy grandma/grandpa day to you!" 

LOVE OUR MILITARY - Go out of your way to thank our military for their service this week. Thank each one for their part in providing and protecting your personal freedom. Call - post on Facebook - shake their hand - send a card - put a sign in your car window.

LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER - Walk your daughter to a big mirror today and look in it together. Ask her what she sees - then tell her what you see. Point out every beautiful detail about her!

LOVE YOUR SON - Show your son love through the power of touch today. Find as many opportunities as possible to hug, high five, give knuckles, wrestle, tickle, etc. Never let their age stop you from doing this.

LOVE THE HOMELESS - Keep a brown bag filled with non-perishables or a ziploc filled with sanitary items (toilet paper, toothbrush & toothpaste, soap, wipes, small kleenex, etc.) in your vehicle ready for anytime you come in contact with a homeless person.

LOVE YOUR DAD - Create an acrostic of why you respect your father. For example, "F" = I respect your Faithfulness to mom through all these years, "A" = I respect the Advancements you've made in your career. You have worked so hard dad, "T" = I respect how Trustworthy you are as a friend to so many, etc.

LOVE YOUR FATHER - Gather the kids/grandkids for picture time. Using the children's bodies, spell out D-A-D. Take one photo of the kids making a "D" - then another photo of "A" - lastly, a photo of another "D". Buy a frame with three 4x6 openings side-by-side, and place your three pictures in the frame.

LOVE YOUR LOVER - Tonight is official Foot Rub night. Have your love get off their feet, lay  their feet in your lap, and massage the stress away. Feel free to use a peppermint lotion if you have any on hand - it's invigorating aromatherapy.

LOVE YOUR KIDS - Choose one morning this week and surprise your kids their favorite breakfast  - have a candle in each person's serving. When they ask what you are celebrating, tell them you are celebrating Free Time and Family Time. Summer is a gift to have more of both! Then let each child choose one family outing/activity you will do before school starts.

LOVE A STRANGER - Look in the eyes of someone you pass and simply greet them with a sincere smile and hello. Compliment someone on their smile. Affirm good parenting or any kind actions you see in others. Make someone else's day!

LOVE YOUR FRIEND WHO IS GROWING - Many of us cannot see our own growth -- we need others to point it out. Take the time today to call, e-mail, or text your friend and share with him/her how you see him/her changing. Give specific examples if you can. Remind him/her that he/she is not the same person he/she was a year ago - yeah! Healthy progress isn't easy - cheer him/her on loudly!

LOVE YOUR MISSIONARY - Email a missionary you support ...  ask them how you can specifically pray for their children and the upcoming school year ... and ask them how you can specifically pray for their marriage in this season of life.

LOVE YOUR KIDS - Plan ahead for the first day of school and make it a celebration. Get out the red plate, make their favorite breakfast, and have a balloon tied to their seat. Don't forget the card that welcomes them to their new grade and conveys how much fun they are going to have learning. Pray over each one dedicating the year ahead.

 LOVE A HURTING PARENT - Whether it's the mom of a special needs child that is exhausted from the unique stresses, or it's the dad who has no relationship with his son right now, or it's the parent whose child is in the hospital .... love them with words that will strengthen them. Babysit for the children so they can have a break. Send them a Bible verse to anchor them in this storm.

LOVE A MOM OF YOUNG CHILDREN - What a busy time that feels completely unproductive! There is so much 'sameness' in each day and there are so many little hearts needing mommy's help that it's not only exhausting, it's easy to lose perspective. So, reach out to these moms with your time - babysit and give them a much needed break, spend an afternoon helping them clean, deliver a basket of encouragement, pray for them, take them out to coffee and renew their vision of their high calling! They are shaping tomorrow.

LOVE YOUR TEEN - Which one of your teenagers needs to hear that you are so proud to be their parent today? Text them right now!

LOVE YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE - Marriage provides the context to keep declaring over and over, "I choose YOU." Mid-life crisis is a time of screaming out, "Do you still choose me?" Communicate to your spouse today that if you had to do it all over again and you could choose anyone on this earth - hands down, no contest - you would choose him/her.

LOVE YOUR GOD - Take time from your day to write your Lord a love letter. Use your best stationary or find a great card or design it on the computer - you can even make a power point or keynote presentation. Express yourself creatively and go all out!

LOVE YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW - Take the time to send an e-card or old-fashioned Hallmark to your mother-in-law. Regardless of the kind of relationship you have with  her at this point, thank her specifically for the part she had in raising your spouse. Point out the characteristics you deeply appreciate and anything that you know she modeled that impacted your man/woman in a positive and powerful way.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY - Take the challenge to hug your family members as many times as possible today without them knowing that you are trying to set a record! Every kind of hug counts - side, front, back, cuddle, bear, squeeze, etc. Touch is a very powerful communicator - we need to use it more. So who can break 50 today?

LOVE THE ONE WHO IS HOPELESS - or the one who is close to letting go of hope. Share a verse with them, make a phone call, send an e-card, or go stop by for a visit. They need you to remind them of the hope of Jesus Christ.

LOVE PATIENT PEOPLE - Go on a spy hunt today looking for people who show patience and each time you see that difficult fruit exhibited, please affirm it. And affirm the person who chooses to be patient.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY - Share with your immediate family members in the coming week 3 specific reasons why you are thankful each one is in your life at this moment in time.  No two people's list should look the same.

LOVE YOUR PARENTS - Call or email or text each parent why you are thankful that God chose him/her to be your dad/mom .... before Thanksgiving day.

LOVE A TEENAGER - Enter the world of a teenager today. Ask them questions about their thoughts, their beliefs, and their opinions. Make sure you look them in the eyes as you talk, expressing interest and care. Thank them for being willing to share.

LOVE SOMEONE WHO IS COLD - Go through your closets & garages and gather blankets, sleeping bags and coats for those who are freezing. Buy some warm socks for feet that can't get warm. Take them to your nearest Salvation Army, Rescue Mission, or Homeless Shelter. Start a new December tradition with your family!

LOVE YOUR MARRIAGE - Have a conversation with your spouse about what the two of you want your relationship to look like in 2012. Each of you choose two words that you think would be great to focus on - share them - then narrow it down to the top two words you both agree upon. Spend the year making sure those two words come to life in your marriage.

LOVE SOMEONE GRIEVING - Reach out to a grieving, hurting soul. Their heart is in a dark place and they need as much Light and Life brought into their world as possible right now. Text, call, send a card .... give their pain a message of hope and love.

LOVE A STRANGER - It's time to "pay it forward" this week. Pick up limbs in your neighbor's yard, pay the toll for the person behind you, bring a meal to a widow, etc. Challenge a friend to see who do the most random acts of kindness this week. Come on, who's up for it?

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - Declare the month of February as the month of love! Your job is to express love to your husband/wife in 1 new way each & every day. Write on the mirror, hide a note, buy their favorite drink, visit him/her at work, place a card under their pillow, etc.

LOVE YOUR SON - Come alongside your boy as he participates in his interest this week - if it's playing video games, then sit down & challenge him to a game (or let him teach you how to play the game) - if it's watching his favorite show, then make some popcorn & watch with him - if it's shooting hoops, then go retrieve the basketball for him. Guys like company. Guys appreciate you entering their world.

LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER - Girls love fun, little quizzes to learn more about themselves. Create your own quiz this week to get to know your daughter better - stay current with your daughter's perspective, interests, & thoughts. Here are a few questions to help get you started: Which Disney Princess is most like you? If I was buying you a gift card, what store would you like it be? Name a woman you look up to right now. Who is your best friend at school? 

LOVE A FRIEND WHO TRUSTS YOU - Have you ever sent a thank-you card to your friend who deems you a safe place to share their hearts? That's a huge stewardship you have been entrusted with - guard it well. And express your awareness of how special it is -- through a card, an old-fashioned letter, an e-card, or a small gift.

LOVE SOMEONE FROM HIGH SCHOOL - Reach out and touch a friend who you haven't thought about or had contact with in ages. Find them on Facebook and become a friend. Pray for that person and their family. Send a note or invite to lunch if you live close. Take a walk down memory lane.

LOVE SOMEONE FROM COLLEGE - Where is your old roommate? Who lived in your dorm? Who did you study with for finals? Who was on your team? Find them on Facebook and become a friend. Pray for that person and their family. Pick up the phone and make a call. Take a walk down memory lane.

LOVE  A TEACHER - It's time to express a special thank you to a teacher that impacted you and share how he/she changed or influenced you - whether from your past or your present. Perhaps you need to express your appreciation for a particular teacher in your child's life? Many of life's influencers go without affirmation.

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - When was the last time you made a big deal out of your spouse's faithfulness? Or has it been taken for granted? Assumed? Let's take the time to reinforce and appreciate what matters so deeply to us. Buy a card or a gift for your husband/wife and, along with it, share 3 things their commitment to be exclusive means to you.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY - You have a mission today - if you choose to accept it. Knowing that physical affection is so powerful and a love language in its own right, give it to each family member at least three times this day. Hug - Kiss - Knuckles - High Five - Snuggle - Squeeze

LOVE YOUR BODY - What does your body need from you today? A nap? Some quiet? Prayer? Exercise? Massage? Fresh air? Longer hours in bed tonight? Give your body some care and listen to what it's calling out for.

LOVE YOUR CHILDREN - Have a conversation with each of your children or grandchildren today asking them about their dreams for the future. Then dream even bigger for them and paint a picture of how they could take that dream and impact this world for Jesus!

LOVE YOUR FRIEND - When is that last time you treated your friend to lunch? Made time for him/her in your busy week? Stopped what you were doing to make a phone call? Intentionally make time for one of your friends this week - when you are together, share 3 reasons he/she has added to the richness of your life. People need to know the difference their love makes!

LOVE THE FATHER OF YOUR CHILDREN - Start sending a text/note/card each day this week expressing a different thing you appreciate about him as a dad. He should receive 7 by Sunday! I've already sent my first one this morning.

LOVE DADS - Let the dad in your life know what kind of Superhero he really is this Father's Day. Which Superhero is he most like? What has he rescued his kids from, protected his kids from, or enabled his kids to do? Give him his own Supername! This world desperately needs Superheroes!

LOVE YOURSELF AS A PARENT BY GAINING INSIGHT - Ask your kids a few questions that will give you new understanding about yourself as a mom or dad. Here are a few sample questions: How do I make you feel the most loved/valued/supported? What could I work on to be a better mom/dad to you? What is your favorite thing we have done together & why? What is one thing I have taught you so far? What will you always remember me saying to you?
Mark and I did this at dinner the other night with our teen and adult children -- be prepared for what you might learn!

LOVE SOMEONE WHO HAS HELPED YOU RECENTLY - Go out of your way to, not only express appreciation in written form, but share how that person's help actually blessed you. People need to know and hear how their "willingness to help" makes a difference.

LOVE A SINGLE MOM - Bring refreshment to a single mom this summer: drop off her favorite drink and an encouraging note, affirm the good job she is doing in raising her kids, surprise babysit for her, hire someone to do her yard, come and clean for her one day. Raising children alone is a huge, exhausting, and overlooked job!

LOVE YOUR IN-LAW - When was the last time you took the initiative to thank one or both of your in-laws for their role in your life? Perhaps for the way they raised your husband or wife - perhaps for the way they invest in your children's lives - perhaps for the role model they are. Take time today and do just that.

LOVE A COLLEGE STUDENT - What a huge transition time in a young adult's life - one that can't get enough encouragement or support! Remember those years between 18 and 22 ... discovering who you really were and who you wanted to be. Send off a card, letter, or care package this week to a collegiate in your life.

LOVE YOUR CHILD IN SCHOOL - Take the opportunity this week to write out your prayer for each child concerning his/her upcoming school year ... and hide it in their lunch or backpack for a heartwarming surprise.

LOVE YOUR MARRIAGE - Take the time today to declare your lifelong commitment to your spouse. Remind them that you believe in marriage. Communicate again "I am yours ... till death do us part".

LOVE YOUR CHILD'S PERSPECTIVE - Look for opportunities all week long to ask your child/teen, "What do you think about that?" Use TV shows, school situations, media, headlines, music, etc. in order to discover their beliefs, opinions, thoughts, and perspectives.

LOVE TWO PEOPLE IN YOUR WORLD TODAY - Pick up stationary or a card and ask God who needs your encouragement today. Send some sunshine in the mail today -- yes, old-fashioned snail mail! Everybody likes to see an envelope with his/her name on it.

LOVE THE ELDERLY - Please look for an elderly someone to open a door for, carry their groceries to the car, or help them find something. Open your eyes and act. Honor those who have lived longer than you have. 

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - True "giving" is when I initiate or offer or do something for my husband/wife that I know he/she would like, but that I would not necessarily choose to do on my own. Try this kind of giving for the next week - once each day - without expecting anything in return other than the good feelings that come with doing what is right.

LOVE YOUR SOUL - Know that what you do today impacts all of your tomorrows, so choose to nurture your soul. Take one of your present struggles or hurts and make it a priority to process it through the Mirror of Truth, God's Word. Wrestle with God over it until you have been blessed.

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - This Christmas season take the time to write your husband/wife a letter about why he/she is such a GIFT to you. You can wrap it up and put it under the tree or place it in their stocking Christmas morning.

LOVE A FRIEND - Who needs a "just because I care about you" gift? Trust me ... someone does. Christmas can be a very lonely and hard time for those who are single or not involved in healthy relationships. 

LOVE YOUR MARRIAGE - Choose one word for you and your spouse to focus on for 2013. What should it be? Forgiving - cherishing - serving - respecting - supporting - giving - flirting? (Notice each word requires action.)

LOVE YOUR KIDS - Take notice of a character trait and how your kid/teen/adult child is developing it. Is he becoming more honest? Is she learning how to confront? Then, do 2 things.
(1) Let your kid know you see growth in that area!
(2) Later in the week, cheer them on again through a text, a card. a poster, or posting on their FB wall.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY - Make a meal this week that includes one of each family member's favorite dishes. It will take a little extra time, but it will be an act of loving service. 

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - Show love this Valentine's Day by doing one new thing you have never done before to express your love - write a message of love in lipstick on their mirror, create a small scavenger hunt, kidnap them overnight - let your imagination flow and then follow it up with action. Love takes effort.

LOVE YOUR MARRIAGE - Stop and pray for your marriage today. Pray for a hedge of protection around it. Pray for soft hearts towards one another. Pray for resolve to fight anything or anyone that threatens your closeness.

LOVE YOUR KIDS - Make time tonight to tuck each of your kids in bed. (no matter how old) Share one of your favorite memories of them growing up and share a memory of your childhood as well.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY - Create a family motto to live by. Each person gets input. Discuss ways to combine different ideas. Once agreed upon by all, post it in your home. 
We had ours painted on a sign that hangs in our family room.

LOVE BOSTON & TEXAS - Pray specifically. Pray that every family impacted by these tragedies might be drawn closer to God. Pray for each doctor to be guided by His Hands. Pray for each firefighter, police officer, and EMT to be given supernatural strength and awareness. Pray for the grieving to consider eternity. Pray for the traumatized to seek the Wonderful Counselor. Pray for the United States to yearn for dependence upon the Most High. 

LOVE YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE - I challenge you to spend this whole weekend looking into your spouse's eyes each and every time you converse. 
Hint - You can't do that while watching TV, looking at your phone, being in the other room, or keeping an eye on the children!

LOVE OKLAHOMA - Pray ... for those who are now without a loved one, for those who have lost their homes, for those who are working tirelessly to help one another, and for the churches who have the opportunity to step up and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

LOVE YOUR KIDS - Make a point of sharing with your kids how you have recently failed or struggled with something. What did you learn and how would you do it differently the next time? Allow them to know you are not perfect and still growing. 

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - Communicate to your wife/husband that you believe in them. You believe in their strengths - you believe in their talents - you believe in their efforts to make a difference. 

LOVE YOUR TEEN KIDS - Ask yourself this question, "What character qualities and life skills do I want my young adult kids to leave home with?" Then be purposeful about building those into their lives. Have a plan. Strategize with your spouse. 

LOVE SOMEONE WHO IS LOOKING FOR A JOB - It's easy to grow tired and weary and lose hope. Encourage this person - let him/her know you have prayed for them today, send a text stating you believe in their abilities, or make a call and just check in with how they are feeling about things.

LOVE YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE - "A growing marriage is made up of growing people." Do something this week to help yourself grow as an individual - that is a gift of love to your spouse.

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - Extend yourself out from your own perspective and attempt to enter his/hers so that you can be a benefit to him/her. Step into their world - go to work with them for a few hours one day - ask for their opinions, thoughts, perspectives. You demonstrate love when you try to understand what your spouse goes through.

LOVE YOUR KIDS - Teach your kids how to advocate for themselves. Don't cripple them by speaking on their behalf. Help them learn early to use their own voice.

LOVE YOUR SPOUSE - Plan a kidnapping this fall - whether it's for an hour or for overnight -   figure out the details and mark it on your calendar. (mine is in Nov. - shhh!) Your husband/wife needs to still feel pursued and worth wooing all over again.

LOVE THE NEXT GENERATION - Take time today to pray for the next generation ... that they would have a passion for God's glory, be deeply founded upon God's truth, and consumed with His love. God expects us to be influencing the next generation for His Name.

LOVE YOUR KIDS & GRANDKIDS - Ask yourself this question, "Have I made my kids/grandkids realize that if they miss Jesus, they miss everything?" Then, ask your kids/grandkids. It's never too late.

LOVE COLORADO - Pray for the families who have lost somebody. Pray for those still waiting to be rescued. Pray for those without homes. Pray for the tireless and selfless rescue workers. Pray for Nebraska as they wait and watch.

LOVE YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE - Reach out and touch your spouse. Each day this week, give the gift of yourself through physical connection - good morning hug, smooch good-bye, warm embrace to welcome home, foot massage at the end of the day, holding hands in public, and the list goes on.

LOVE YOUR CHILDREN - Find something in your house that is symbolic of a strength in each of your kids. Bring the item(s) to the dinner table tonight and share with each of your kids the item chosen, what it represents, and why you appreciate that trait. Maybe the next night they will do the same for you?

LOVE A FRIEND - Choose a verse(s) to  pray over your friend today. Then send a card/note in the mail encouraging them by sharing with them the verse and acknowledgment that you carried him/her to His throne.

LOVE THE PHILIPPINES - Please pray for those lost and those left behind. Over 10,000 killed at this point. The Filipinos are a resilient people, but they desperately need for the Church to be His Hands and Feet and Heart in this devastation. 

LOVE THE WORD OF GOD - Determine what priority God's Word is going to be in your life in 2014. Will you be in it daily? Three times a week? Will you read it before you turn on any technology for the day? Will you memorize any of its' verses? Will you share what you are learning with anyone? You will never regret putting God's Word first in your life.