Power Pills

CHOOSE A HERO – Read a biography or study the life of someone who has had or is having a powerful influence in their world. Take notes of what you want to emulate.

PRIORITIZE ONE DIMENSION - Which area of your life, if improved, would give you the biggest gain? They are all important but some are more important depending on your situation. Now figure out three actions you can take to become better in this area.

DETERMINE YOUR CORE LIFE VALUES – Surf the internet and you’ll find several lists of possible values – choose your top 20. Then narrow it your top 10. Let it rest for a week, come back to the list, and evaluate if those are still the top 10. Now narrow it to six. Post these where you can see them and live them out to the best of your ability.

BE INTENTIONAL WITHIN YOUR FAMILY – Ask yourself today what 3 words you want to describe yourself as a wife? What 3 words do you want to describe your mothering? What 3 words would you choose for yourself as a grandma? Choose one word from each category that applies to you. Set one specific, measurable, and realistic goal for each of those words.

ASSESS YOUR IMAGE – Does your dress, your speech, your manners and mannerisms reflect the image you want to portray? If not, why? What needs to change or improve? Get brave and ask an acquaintance whenever possible to give your image a “title” – is it surprising or affirming? 

KNOW YOUR DESTINY – You should be able to share with anybody “why you are here on this earth.” You should know what drives you and where you are headed. You don’t have to know every detail, but you should know the direction. Now the question is "Do you?"

BUILD A NETWORK –  Do you desire women to pray with? Are you hungry for accountability? Have you been looking around for a woman to mentor you? First, start asking God for exactly what or who you need and desire. Secondly, with open eyes ask yourself - "What parts of my circle of women can overlap others? Who do I need to introduce myself to? Who is missing in my life?" Sisters, you cannot be passive - create connection!

SELF-AWARENESS – How well do you know yourself? Pretend you are going for the interview of a lifetime … how would you sell your strengths? Your assets & what you bring to a team? Your experience & the difference it makes? You need to know these things!

REMEMBER NAMES – Never forget that a person’s name is the sweetest word in the any language. Try to use a person’s name as much as possible when involved in a conversation – especially the first time you meet them!

COMMIT TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE – You have to choose to live this way before you ever will. Post great inspirational quotes where you can see them and be reminded that your life has the purpose of “Impact!” Never settle for less.

LET IT GO – Know when the greater good requires the decision to let go or cut things out - the greater good for your emotional health, for your spiritual health, for your body, for your family, for God's Glory.  Successful people do not hang onto bad stuff for long. "Bad stuff" is simply the negative things that take up room in your life, draining you of energy and resources that should go elsewhere. It's time to get rid of them. Sift through your involvement making sure it is reflective of your priorities.

MAN UP” – When you are wrong, don’t make excuses. Don't blame or justify. Just admit the wrong by naming it, taking full responsibility for your part, and asking for forgiveness and whether you need to do something differently in the future.

YOU HAVE TO TELL YOUR STORY - Many have lost the importance of passing on the memories from their childhood, teen years, & own marriage. Have you shared with your kids and/or grandkids your spiritual testimony, what you have struggled with, or the victories you have won? No one can tell your story but you.

TAKE TIME TO REMEMBER - Allow times for everybody to interact over big and small events in your family's history. The different perspectives are amazing and enlightening.

KEEP CREATING NEW HISTORY - Each time you plan for an experience or party or trip for all of your family, you create another piece of time that your family shares in common -- and with it, comes the shared laughter, shared tears, shared fun!

DON’T FIGHT FAILURE – Successful people don’t condemn themselves for failure. Use disappointments as a teacher and a friend. Embrace your imperfections and the imperfections of others – don’t be surprised by them.

BE HUMBLE – Nothing will rid you of your influence quicker than arrogance! 
Never have a need to be more than you are. Nothing is beneath you. You don't know it all. Get rid of all defensiveness. Admit quickly when you are wrong. Identify with others. Successful people show kindness, understanding, and help to others.