Confetti Café

"Where life gets celebrated every day!"

Celebrate the MORNING - As soon as possible upon waking, thank God out loud for the gift of a new day. It's wrapped in your favorite colored paper and tied with an enormous velveteen bow - don't miss all that's  waiting for you in this day!

Celebrate EASTER DINNER - Purchase bright colored plastic Easter eggs for your dinner table - one per guest. Print off the Easter story and divide the paragraphs into the number of guests you have around the table. Hide each section of the story into one of the eggs, keeping it chronological. Once dinner is served, have the first person begin and go around the table opening the eggs and telling the Easter story.

Celebrate the SUNSHINE - stop and feel its warmth ... move your chair by a window so you can feel it ... take a walk in it and lift your face to the sky ... think about the faithfulness of the sun rising every morning and setting every night without fail.

Celebrate the freedom to go to CHURCH - Do you realize that this past week a Mexico Pastor was abducted from his church by four masked men? Did you know that on April 10th the Chinese authorities arrested more than a 100 members of an unapproved Beijing church? And the news headlines that you don't hear about just keep happening around the world....but you and I have no fear of being arrested or shot or imprisoned from attending church on any given Sunday...what a reason to celebrate.

Celebrate a WHISPER - You have to get close to someone to share a whisper and you have to stop what you are doing to hear a whisper....hmmmm. Sound like something we should be doing far more often! Whisper in the ear of someone you love today. 

Celebrate COLOR - Choose a color for the day and see how many different shades you can find all day long. Can you imagine a black and white world? What about one in grayscale? Color is a gift.

Celebrate FRIENDSHIP - There is no richer gift than that of having a true friend. Today is the day to call, write, text, email, or send a bouquet to friends who make a difference in your world - tell them the difference they make and the gifts they bring to your heart!

Celebrate COMING HOME - Stop what you are doing and try running to greet your spouse or child as they enter your home. Give them a huge hug, kiss, or high five. Tell them how the house feels more like a home now that he/she is there!

Celebrate A STEP FORWARD - Sometimes we get so caught up in feeling a million miles away from our final goal, that we become blinded to each small step forward. Shame on us! Every step forward should be seen as a great accomplishment ..... because most of us know that you will never get anywhere in life without putting one foot in front of the other and taking one step at a time.

Celebrate CURIOSITY - Some have said that imagination is more important than knowledge because imagination is wheat leads to discovery and exploration and invention.... and curiosity is what fuels imagination. So be a curious little kid today. Ask a million questions. See things from a thousand different angles.

Celebrate SOUND - Here is the challenge -- the only way to appreciate sound is to become quiet, which is rare in this culture. Shhhhh - just listen. Close your eyes too. Enjoy the sound of creation making its own music. Appreciate the tone of each voice you hear. Languish in another's laughter. 

Celebrate FLOWERS - Notice each and every flower you see today. Pick a wild flower and consider how no earthly gardener cares for it and yet be amazed by its simple beauty. Purchase or gather fresh flowers for a bouquet in your home. Stop to smell a flower before night falls.

Celebrate DREAMS - What you care about is what you dream about. Have you stopped dreaming? Don't! Re-ignite your passions today and let your passions fuel your dreams. Close your eyes and go....what do you long for? What would be the coolest thing you could do? Where would you go? Who would be part of it?

Celebrate CONTRIBUTION - You can always contribute - your ideas, your thoughts, your perspective, your values, your experience, your work, your service ... the list goes on. And remember that no one else's contribution will ever be exactly like yours - come on people, we need you!

Celebrate LEARNING - Make sure you are always a teachable person. Look at life with the perspective that there is always something new to learn. Take the time to discover more about something that has always interested you. Go to the library - check out the internet - talk to an expert.

Celebrate CORRECTION - Ouch - this is hard! But experience shows that wise people absorb correction and learn from it. Studies indicate that successful people embrace improvement and are open to being shown how to make changes. Be wise - be successful - appreciate correction.

Celebrate FAILURE - No, it's not a typo. Failure is one of the stops on the road to success. You must fail in order to learn, to sharpen, to re-direct, to expand, to make necessary changes, etc. Failure means you are trying and risking - that's always a good thing.

Celebrate HUGS - There is such underestimated power in a hug - a safe harbor, a warm body, an encouraging support, an unspoken "I love you", a giant squeeze, a soft reminder, a passionate embrace, an "I've missed you", and the list goes on.  Appreciate each hug you receive today and make sure you give out as many as possible.

Celebrate ETERNITY - You were made for it. Anticipate it. Daydream about it today. Keep looking at the sky today. Start your list of questions. Talk to someone about what they think eternity will look like. Remember this isn't home - we're just passing through.

Celebrate TEARS - A soft heart is an amazing thing. Tears are healthy and tears need to surface - they are a God-given signal that our souls are hurting, in need of something, or moved with deep joy. Don't wipe them away until you have first accepted them.

Celebrate RAINBOWS - Think of them as a mini-surprise party that God throws you when you least expect it. He throws confetti of every color across the sky to remind you of one thing - His loving promise of never flooding the earth again. And isn't it interesting that His promise is usually in the midst of rain?

Celebrate MEMORIES - Each day is filled with the opportunity to make a memory, and there is something very powerful about having a heart filled with 'albums' of memories to reflect upon. Make a crazy, meaningful, hilarious, touching, silly, moving, heartfelt, or wild memory with someone you love today!

Celebrate LAUGHTER -  Surround yourself with people who laugh. Stop and listen for children's infectious laughter today. Watch a comedy. Tell a joke. Laugh at yourself. Read a funny card. Tickle somebody.  It truly is the best medicine out there - let it heal you today.

Celebrate LIFE - As our family received the news of 2 deaths this morning, I am struck again with the deep realization we have no promise of tomorrow. This moment, this day, this breath, this heartbeat ... is a gift. If you are still here, then your destiny has not been fulfilled yet -- your testimony is not finished. You have people to love and things to do and words to share still. Don't hesitate - celebrate life today!

Celebrate MUSIC - Isn't is wild how a song can take you right back to the moment when you were dancing on your dorm bed and singing into your curling iron with friends at 1:00 am ... or you were slow dancing with your man and having your heart melt all over again as you looked into his eyes ... or you were in the middle of worship and God met your soul in a way that no one else would understand?! Go for it - grab your ipod today and crank one of your absolute favorites!

Celebrate READING - One of my favorite ways to read to my kids was when I filled our jacuzzi tub up with pillows and we climbed in for "just mommy and me" time. In every book there is an adventure waiting to be lived, a new place waiting to be visited, people waiting to be met, and mysteries waiting to be solved! Create a hunger for reading.
PS - Children and teens will improve their reading comprehension if they read aloud - have them read to you while you're making dinner. 

Celebrate WARMTH - No one likes being cold or feeling coldness from others. Take a moment today to stand in the warmth of the sun's rays and just feel it. Find someone you love and make sure they can feel the warmth of your care through your eyes. Give someone a really warm hug -- one that they can feel. Spread warmth wherever you are!

Celebrate CHALLENGE - It's not comfortable to be stretched ... it's not fun to work through hard things ... but without facing challenges, you are going to miss out on what could be some of your greatest victories and most memorable moments of  life. So focus on all the possibilities that could come as a result of this challenge and go for it!

Celebrate PROJECTS - The sense of accomplishment is a great thing - and it's even more fulfilling when done with others. When is the last time your family tackled a house or yard project together? Projects are great ways to bridge generations. When is the last time you did something that included grandparents or a widow? Projects provide opportunity to build relationships. When is the last time you invited some friends over and tackled a job together? Celebrate the sense of accomplishment and competence that projects bring!

Celebrate WAITING - not easy, not comfortable, not our first choice, many times the hardest thing we are asked to do .... yet God works for those who wait on Him. He acts on their behalf as He enables them to soar even in the midst of the 'pause'. The only road to a deeper faith is through the Wait. 

Celebrate FORGIVENESS - Is there any better feeling than that of being forgiven? Being released from the guilt? Given the opportunity to do it better next time? Having a fresh start? The gift of forgiveness should be extended as quickly as you are sincerely able. It's an opportunity to reflect Jesus. Do you have anybody you need to forgive? Maybe even yourself?

Celebrate TODAY - It is an amazing gift of 24 hours given to you to be opened any way you choose. Oh the possibilities! You will only get this particular gift once in your life time, so (as I say to my kids) make good choices and live it in such a way that you don't have any regrets.

Celebrate REST - We learned this in kindergarten and then quickly developed amnesia as we entered our fast-paced western culture. Take 10-15 minutes today and pretend you are rolling out your little mat, turning the lights off, & resting for  a short while. Give yourself the gift of sitting down, closing your eyes, or just relaxing without external noise. Who knows? Maybe you might just start making this a habit again.

Celebrate THANKFULNESS - Before the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving Day, take a moment after dinner one night and put the spotlight on one family member at a time - then each other family member shares the top 2 reasons he/she is thankful for the one in the spotlight. Get ready for some great insight and blessing!

Celebrate THANKSGIVING - Instead of going around the table and sharing the obligatory thanks for homes, friends, & family ... make up cards to set at each plate asking that person to share something they are specifically thankful for. No two cards should be alike & here are some ideas to get you started - share the answered prayer you are most thankful for, share a teacher or boss that you are thankful for and why, share something you have learned this past year and why you are thankful you learned it.

Celebrate CHRISTMAS - If you have a Nativity scene in your house, give each one of your kids a wise man. They get to choose where each wise man starts his journey from and they get to move him closer to baby Jesus each day until he finally arrives on Christmas morning!

Celebrate CHRISTMAS - Have each family member choose one activity that the whole family gets to do together during the holiday break and then purpose to honor each request. Enjoy the amazing memories.

Celebrate the NEW YEAR - Make 2012 a year of celebration. Choose a date that you will purpose to celebrate as a family or couple each month - the 10th, the 15th, the 20th, etc. - and just celebrate life in 2012. It would be especially fun to let a different family member plan the celebration each month - simple or elaborate - just start the habit of celebrating.

Celebrate TOUCH - Hugs, kisses, high fives, knuckles, hands being held - all so much more powerful than we really understand. Studies and science have proven that we are born with the acute need to be touched, and touch is the only sense that we don't lose with age. Who needs your touch today?

Celebrate POTENTIAL - It's just there waiting for you. It's not about strength or intelligence ... it's about your dreams and your efforts. My new motto is that I'd rather die with failure before I die with potential. Go for it!

Celebrate MOMENTS - Don't miss the 'moment' because you are focused on the future. We often live by upcoming dates or events and lose sight of the here and now. You have been given 1,440 moments today -- will you look for the blessing in each one today?

Celebrate  PATIENCE - Patience waits ... without anxiety ... without worry ... without trying to manipulate. Patience is directly connected to your end goal or desire. If you focus on 'wait', you will most likely give up. Focus on the prize. Practice patience today.

Celebrate GIFTS - Take time today to ponder all of the incredible gifts in your life. Your Savior who paid the price for your ransom. Your spouse who never lets you doubt how much you are loved. Your children who can touch your heart in such deep ways. Your loyal friend. Your supportive employer. Your friendly neighbor. Your warm home. Your health. Your freedom. How many gifts are on your celebration list today?

Celebrate BEAUTY - It comes in a million forms - sunshine streaking through a vibrant green tree, a kaleidoscope bubble of dew sitting atop a dandelion, the blue in your love's eyes, a loyal friend's knowing smile, pure curiosity on the face of a child, an intricately detailed sand castle, any still life by Boudin, and the list is endless. Look for beauty in everything and everyone today.

Celebrate AFFIRMATION - Look around you ... what causes can you endorse? Who needs to hear that you believe in him/her? What behavior or choices should you be reinforcing with positive words? Let's be a fountain of affirmation that influences the world around us!

Celebrate REMEMBERING - A study that has impacted me greatly was done with the elderly, over age 90 to be exact. They were asked if they had life to do over again, what would they do differently. Do you know that one of the top 4 answers was "we would remember more"? Wow! Spend a moment today remembering - victories, growth, an answered prayer, a special place, snapshot moment with each of your kids, your honeymoon highlight, or the moment you responded to God. Remember.

Celebrate MAY FLOWERS - Besides what is blossoming out in our yards, what is blooming in your own heart or soul? What are you learning? What are you newly curious about? Where are you growing - a little bit at a time? Celebrate the life that comes from each "bud" in your life!

Celebrate PRAYER - What a privilege to bring others before His throne! What an incredibly safe place to pour our hearts out to our loving Father! What a sacred spot for praise! What an intimate time of confession that brings faithful cleansing! Spend time in conversation with your Maker today.

Celebrate JOY - In God's presence is fullness of joy. One of the coolest things about joy is that it is untouched by circumstance. So, choose joy today. Don't postpone joy!

Celebrate MEN - Appreciate the way men are hard-wired ... adventurers, wanting to conquer, needing to be a hero. What man in your world do you need to encourage to "go for it" or dream even bigger? What man needs to hear that he's your superhero? What man needs to feel he has your support 110%? 

Celebrate WOMEN - Appreciate the way women are woven from within ... seekers of beauty, relationships, and security. What woman in your world do you need to encourage to express herself more or use her voice to make a difference? What woman needs to hear that  you appreciate the effort she makes to grow closer? How could you make her feel more secure in your love?

Celebrate LABOR - Take time to appreciate a hard work ethic, praise a job well done, or affirm loyalty to an employer or by an employer. Encourage competence, efficiency, and follow through.We were created to be productive and make an impact with our efforts. 

Celebrate BEING A SECRET SERVANT - Choose one day during the school week each week  to be a Day Of Secret Service. Challenge each of your children/teens to go undercover looking for teachers, other students, or friends that day to serve - help in some way - do something for. Then have everybody share their act of secret service over dinner.

Celebrate the DINNER TABLE - It is considered the most obsolete piece of furniture in today's home. Make it the place for fun conversation - make it the place all family members can look forward to. Take turns having each family member come up with a "dinner question" (silly or serious) that each person has to answer. Enjoy the memories.

Celebrate a FAMILY GAME - When was the last time you pulled out a deck of cards or board game for everybody to play? Add some fun snacks and laughter and you've got a recipe for memory-making! 

Celebrate LISTENING - Take the Listening Challenge - see how long you listen before you interrupt, ask a question, or wander in thought. Grow to be a better listener. You have the power to give the gift of "truly being heard" to another each day. 

Celebrate the LEAVES CHANGING COLORS - Please take a moment to just stop and stare at how God is showing off this autumn. 

Celebrate TIME - Each minute is a gift given to us ... to cherish and to make the most of. Live in the present. With each conversation, each hug, each interaction, each step taken today -- be all there. Be in the moment. You won't have them again.

Celebrate APPRECIATION - Thank people for any act of kindness shown to you this week. Make a big deal out of thanking your kids anytime you see obedience, initiative, or care expressed. Go out of your way to thank your spouse for anything and for everything he/she is doing on behalf of your family.

Celebrate CHRISTMAS - Give each of your kids one of the wise men to hide in their rooms and allow them to move them closer and closer to the nativity each day with final arrival at baby Jesus' side upon Christmas morning.

Celebrate CHRISTMAS CONVERSATION - Try, as family, to engage in Christmas dialogue  the next 3 weekends before Christmas morning. Here are some conversation starters for you to use, if you would like:
* Who would you have wanted to be the night of Jesus' birth and why? (shepherd, angels, wise men, manger animals, Mary, Joseph, Innkeeper, etc)
* If you were in charge of planning Jesus' birthday party, what would it look like?
* If you were to give baby Jesus a gift that night, what would you have brought? What could you give Him this Christmas?
* Think of all the ways a Christmas tree could teach us something about Jesus.
* If Joseph and Mary asked you if you had room in your schedule for Jesus, what would you say? Room in  your checkbook? Room in your heart?

Celebrate CHRISTMAS STORIES - Read a story out loud as a family this week. As a collector of Christmas books, a few of my favorites are The Crippled Lamb, A Gift from Saint Nicholas, and The Candle in the Window. Let's not lose the beautiful art of storytelling!

Celebrate JESUS' BIRTHDAY - Buy a stocking for Jesus and hang it in a special place -- after all, it's His birthday. What do you fill it with? Gifts, of course ... gifts of the heart. Family members can write down what it is they want to give of themselves to Jesus this Christmas and place their notes inside of the stocking. 

Celebrate THE CHRISTMAS STORY - Get creative with how you read the Christmas story as a family -- have one person start & each adds a few sentences until whole story is told, include extended family having one person read while all others act it out, or use some of the creative skits or videos on youtube. Draw it. Make it a modern day TV show. Use your nativity set. Make His story come alive!

Celebrate BEGINNINGS - I love that any moment of any day can be a brand new beginning with God. He alone can wipe the slate clean. He alone can give a new heart. He alone can bring the freedom that comes from forgiveness. At any moment - of any day. Celebrate.

Celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY - Don't just decorate your home. Decorate your master bedroom special for this month. Pour on the romance. Bring out the candles. Add a cart to your room to keep special drinks or treats on hand. Get creative and make your spouse want Valentine's every month.

Celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY - I love to buy the old-fashioned Valentine cards and my kids' favorite candies to decorate their bedroom doors. I just use scotch tape and cover their entire door after they've gone to bed the night before Valentine's Day ... they love waking up & opening their door of love! (even as teens)

Celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY - Make your family dinner special: candles, china, sparkling drinks, dress up, etc. Then incorporate an activity of love: Get paper with a Valentine's theme or use large heart-shaped cutouts and put each family member's name on the top of one. Pass them around the table allowing each family member to write down 2-3 things they love about that particular person. Have fun as each person takes a turn reading out loud what others love about him/her.

Celebrate FRIENDLINESS - Our culture walks right by people. We are silent elevator riders. We avoid eye contact. It's time to go countercultural! Today or this weekend, focus on greeting everybody you pass with a warm hello. Look people in the eyes and smile.

Celebrate GENEROSITY - How are you going to be generous today? With your time as you are interrupted? With your money as someone or something is placed on our heart? With your love as you presented an opportunity that will not be easy? Be generous and be generous with a spirit of celebration!

Celebrate EASTER - Don't leave your spouse out when it comes to filling Easter baskets this year! My favorite -- a small basket filled with bright plastic eggs that each hold a coupon for a gift of love.

Celebrate EASTER - One of our traditions: print out the Easter story from one of the gospels and divide it up by how many people are sitting at your Easter dinner table. Place the strips of paper in brightly colored Easter eggs and lay at the top of each plate. During dinner, each person opens their egg and reads aloud their part of the Resurrection story.

Celebrate RESURRECTION SUNDAY - by EGGING someone's house this year. Fill 12 plastic eggs with little treats or surprises and place them around their yard, leaving one egg empty. Then post this sign on their front door - SIGN

Celebrate CONSIDERATION - Make an effort to not be an inconvenience to others ... to not be the cause of hurt. Work on being attentive, heedful, and thoughtful of those around you.

Celebrate GRACE - Take time today to remember the darkness you were saved from ... the prison you were set free from ... the brokeness inside of you that was healed ... the emptiness of your soul that was filled to overflowing -- then thank the One who did it all when He showed you Amazing Grace!

Celebrate FATHER'S DAY - So many times mothers get the message, "You are amazing and we couldn't make it without you!" ... while ... dads get the message, "You really could use a kick in the butt and do a whole lot better!" 
Make your message the right one this Father's Day!

Celebrate CERTAINTY - You may not know what the future holds but you have the opportunity to know Who holds it -- and He never changes! What incredible conviction can be yours. Someone once called it "blessed assurance"!

Celebrate the COLORS OF OUR AMERICAN FLAG - My red stripes proclaim the fearless courage and integrity of American men and boys and the self-sacrifice and devotion of American mothers and daughters. My white stripes stand for liberty and equality for all. My blue is the blue of heaven, loyalty, and faith.

Celebrate the AMERICAN CREED -"I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the people by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a Republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable; established upon those principals of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.
I therefore believe it is my duty to my Country to love it; to support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies."

Celebrate "NO THANK YOU" - "No thank you" are powerful words -- they can create healthy boundaries for you, they can help you live out your true priorities, and they can enable you to say "yes to the greater" in your life!

Celebrate AMAZING LOVE - "Amazing love, how can it be ... That Thou my God shouldst die for me ..."       God, You just knock the breath out of me. You blow me away with Your love.

Celebrate YOUR COURAGE - Speak honestly and openly about who you are, about how you are feeling, and about your experiences - whether good or bad. Be willing to put your vulnerability on the line.

Celebrate SELF-COMPASSION - Let go of perfectionism! It's a self-destructive belief that if you look perfect and live perfectly, you will somehow earn love. Allow yourself imperfection and mistakes - those are vulnerabilities that we all have in common.

Celebrate DISCIPLINE - Any discipline we receive from God is always to teach us in our present and to protect us for our future -- it is never to condemn us from our past.

Celebrate HIS TERMS - God is willing to come anywhere people are truly willing to have Him ... on His terms.

Celebrate IDOL-FREE -  Nothing can cause more pain than our idols - which is anything or anyone we build our life upon other than God Himself. Even our pain itself can become our idol. Let's get rid of our torturing idols.

Celebrate MERCY - Mercy can be defined as "compassionate forgiveness" or "where we do't get what we truly deserve". And, to think, that God's mercies are new every morning - unfathomable! Celebrate mercy today.

Celebrate THANKSGIVING - Take a day this week and set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour on the hour - why? To stop and thank God for one of His many attributes.