Confidence Boosters

MAKE A “YOU” LIST – Write down 3 of your strengths, 2 things you like about yourself, and 1 of your many talents! Read them each night before you go to bed. 

SHOW YOUR POWER - Choose to exert your will power. Say “no” to something you really don’t need once a day this entire week. You have more will power than you think!

STOP APOLOGIZING FOR THE WRONG THINGS – Listen to yourself this week and see how many times you say,”I’m sorry” for the wrong reason. Don’t use it to placate someone – only say it when you are taking responsibility for yourself and are sincere.

SMILE – There is sunshine in a smile, so spread sunshine all day. You must smile to at least one stranger a day. Smile while you are talking on the phone too – it changes your voice!

FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS – Work has problems. Families have problems. Friends have problems. Life has problems. Now, you have a choice. You can choose to focus (spend time and energy) on the problems OR you can choose to focus (spend time and energy) on the solutions. Which do you choose this week? How can you be part of the solution?

PAY IT FORWARD – Give 2 random acts of kindness this week to people you do not know. Enjoy knowing that it will be paid forward. Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction deep within you that comes only from giving. (You can always do more than two!)

KEEP A TALLY – Keep a small notepad handy this week and actually score a tally mark for each negative thought you entertain about yourself. You might be amazed how many lies you buy into!

GET OFF THE FENCE – If you have been waffling about a decision or stuck in the middle of a situation, DO something about it. Either choose one side or the other. 

 She who straddles the fence will get her panties full of barbed wire every time!

SECRET GIVING – Choose a charity or cause that you can get behind and send them a donation … but don’t tell anyone. It's amazing what generosity does for your own heart!

USE YOUR MIRRORS – Each time you pass a mirror this week, look directly into it and remind yourself that you are trying to become a better woman, a better wife, a better mother, a better grandmother, a better friend, etc. You really want to grow this year. 

FRESH AIR IS MEDICINAL - Take one of your activities outside every day this week. Don’t let the rain or snow be an excuse – grab a coat or an umbrella!

LOOK ME IN THE EYES PLEASE – Make sure you look into each person’s eyes as you talk. You’d be amazed at how distracted your eyes can be. There is power in eye contact. There is opportunity to reflect how much you care!

THE GIFT OF YOU - You have your history for a reason – remember that your story serves purpose. You also have your future and it has amazing potential according to the way you are wired. Embrace you.

EXPAND YOUR WORLD – Investigate or research something you have always been curious about, someone that fascinates you, or something that confuses you. Share a few new things you’ve learned with a friend or family member.

BEWARE TO COMPARE – Stop yourself each and every time you start to measure yourself against another individual. It's a lose/lose game. Comparison will only leave you dissatisfied with yourself in an unhealthy way.