Monday, June 13, 2011


It is SO hard to pull yourself out of bed at 5 am. The covers are so warm and squishy, the pillow still has the perfect indent from your nog and everyone around you is still asleep...why get up?
You swing your feet out of bed but they are instantly cold and sockless. "A trip to the bathroom might help wake me up." you think as you stomp off, Neanderthal-esque to the John, scratching your butt and yawning throughout the journey. fell back asleep on the toilet but startled yourself awake when your wrist support for your head gave way. Numbness on your butt has started to kick in which means it is a good time to change locations so AHHHHHHH! As you stood up, the bond of flesh to toilet seat ripped apart leaving you wondering how long you actually sat there and what life might be like if you had a padded toilet seat like your gramma. Thoughts quickly turn back to the math problem as you calculate if you still have time to crawl back in bed before the kids wake up.

The inner argument begins "But there is so much to do. And if I don't do my Bible Study and reading, take my shower and plan my day RIGHT NOW, it will never happen!" Ugh.
Am I the only one who does this?
Of course, following that bold argument, I spend about 20 minutes trying to rationalize how I CAN fit these EVER-SO important aspects of my day in at a later time, meaning I can honestly go back to bed. The interrupted, crappy sleep that will ensue is somehow more appealing than the one-on-one, quiet time with God that I will be overwhelmingly thankful for in the end.
At the foot of my bed, in total hesitation, I have a choice to make. Warm, comfy bed with no chance of a REM cycle that I prefer to call "rest time" OR quiet time with Jesus and prayer that He will sustain me through the day due to my obedience? Today...Jesus won. Tomorrow, another battle but quiet time with Jesus was more refreshing than 20 Diet Cokes. I love that I am taken out of my comfort zone for two hours before the rest of my world wakes up. I love that those two hours of yawning and fighting my heavy eyelids means I am prepared for whatever the day brings because I began by asking Jesus to join me. And I am sure you all love that I showered. :)

PS> Verse in photo is Proverbs 31:15. I try and keep myself in check with what God considers "a wife of noble character". Lately, of course, this particular line stands out to me! ;)

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  1. Amy B - I love this! I wake up every day and the first thought that crosses my mind is "Thank you Lord for this day" Then we just start talking. I cannot say that I study his word every morning, that would be ideal, but I make sure to acknowledge that he has been anxiously waiting for me to wake and that He can't wait to live the day with me. Oh What love (sing it). You give me something to strive for.