Tuesday, June 7, 2011


“Mom, I have something to tell you”.
I looked up at my youngest boy, grimacing as he often does.
“I put a dent in your van door.  You can’t see it much, but I did it.”
Sometimes I can’t tell what the truth is with that little grimace of his.  “Are you joking?”
As we stepped through the hall the self-talk began, “Stay calm, Bonnie”.  The Spirit of God reminded my heart, “It’s only temporary”.
I glanced at the van and the first of many dents which will remain unrepaired.  Then I gathered my thoughts, “I have 3 things to tell you”.
My son leaned against the van as the words came calmly.  “First, thank you very much for telling the truth.  I appreciate that.  You made a good character choice.”
“Second, just because I forgive you doesn’t mean you can start bashing our belongings around and- -“, his defenses began to build and he interrupted with his reasons why the dent occurred.
“Wait quietly please while I finish”.  He stood up straight as he uncharacteristically zipped his lips.
“Third, even if we take super good care of this van, do you think it will get many dents and scrapes over the years?”
“I think in about 20 years this van is going to be a piece of junk.  But in the years to come, I am certain you will never become a piece of junk.”
He giggled.
“I think this van will be like all of our other belongings, they will rust or rot and get pretty crappy.  But you won’t.”
He began wiggling, giggling and loosening up while he listened.
“Jesus says all of our material things will pass away, but people and the Word of God will last forever.  So what do you think means more to me, this shiny new van or my boy?”
His cheeks rose high as he smiled a confident smile.  “I do”.
We turned back into our home and he ran upstairs giggling uncontrollably.  His heart was filled and affirmed with his Mama’s unconditional love.
He shouted from the top of the stairs with a voice bubbling over in joy, “I’m sorry Mom, but it was worth it!”
My heart was filled with its own joy.  I may even be thankful for a tiny little dent which helped a tender heart grasp a huge eternal perspective and a deeper knowledge of being loved.

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