Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Maybe you’ve heard about this lady.  She is suing McDonald’s over children’s Happy Meals and is quoted as saying, “I reject the fact that McDonald’s is getting into my kid’s head”.  This mom blames the popular food chain for the ongoing battle she has with her 6 year old over purchasing happy meals.
Welcome to parenthood, lady.  As your daughter grows she will also beg you for clothes, technology, dating privileges and curfew changes.  Her peers and the culture they live in will “get into her head”.  Who will you sue then?
There will always be an assault on our kids’ brains.  Culture and its influences will continue to entice our offspring for generations.  What will you do, parent?  Will you bend to the pressures?  Will you take culture to court?  I challenge you Mom, to know well the values you want to pass on to your children.  Set out to deliberately train up your child in the way he or she should go.  Become so convinced in your mission as a parent that as a result, you are able to confidently say, “No” to your child whenever the need arises.
Agreeably, there are many influences that I too would like to protect from my children.  But keeping them in a bubble will only hinder their growth to healthy adulthood.  Instead, let’s develop tools and skills for our kids to help them identify and stand against the daily assault.  That’s not McDonald’s responsibility, it is yours!

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