Friday, May 13, 2011


Yes, it is ... and here was a page  out of my personal journal recently. Perhaps you might be able to identify ...
Almighty & All-Powerful “I AM”, 

I don’t need to be convinced of my ‘dirtiness’ or my ‘ugliness’ - my sinful heart is so real to me - and so I cry out to You ...

~ I confess becoming too casual with sin.

~ I confess my distraction of being pre-occupied with myself.

~ I confess that my ears have been more ‘in tune’ with noise than with Your Voice.

~ I confess my lack of self-control, my binging, and my selfishness.

~ I confess too much concern with trying to win favor from others.

~ I confess my pride that causes me to argue or critique rather than question and explore.
I could never stand before You in my “Christieness.” No one could. But I come to You in the robe of righteousness from the blood of Jesus.... that covering - I will base my whole life upon! That purity is what gives me peace.
Your full redemption settles every sin in my life - it secures my present & my future. I am eternally indebted!

Please know that I am hungry to be close to You -
                                                                   I am thirsty to do what is right.
Christie Lee

What difference does confession make in your life? Please tell me.

Christie Lee Rayburn


  1. Confession not only keeps me honest with the people I love the most but it keeps the enemy's guilt away from me. It also helps my friends and family to know that I don't try or pretend to be perfect, and it gives them the freedom to do the same around me.

  2. I cheer on your example of freedom to those around you - way to go!