Friday, October 21, 2011


It feels like we never have any money.  This, of course, is not the case but based on our current choices, money seems to just dissipate into the air.  We are trying.  Trust me.  We completed the Dave Ramsey course, we have almost paid off our debt (hoot and hollar for joy) but we still have a long way to go until we are feeling Financial Peace.  In our attempts to be good with our money, we have had to make some big cut backs and had to say no to a few thing we really wanted to have/do.

It came up in a discussion between my husband and I, that it seemed like, based on our current financial forecast, that there would never be money for fun things.  That by the time we had it all straightened out (very aware that we created the mess) that our kids would be all grown and far from excited to want to do such things like baseball games or the county fair.  We were throwing ourselves a pity party.  But we knew that all our hard work would not only be worth it but it would be handling our money the way God intended us so we forged on.  We prayed for assistance with our desires with the things we wanted vs. the things we needed and how to handle all the dollars that crossed our palms.

A few days later, my husband tells me we get to go to the Seahawks game thanks to free tickets from some odd mix up at his work.  They were nosebleeds (four rows from the very top of the entire stadium) and it would be a hassle to find care for the two younger boys since there were only four tickets but we were going for it!  Way too excited to turn them down!  

We ended up having a blast at the game.  Our position in the seating arrangements made us feel as if we were defying gravity, the food was expensive and we had to walk forever to get to our seats but we didn't even think about those things as annoyances.  It was actually by force, just now, that I was able to list these negatives...they truly never crossed our mind, we were just so thankful and excited!  As I was sitting down the following day, remembering all the fun we had and how the kids just couldn't stop talking about it...God gently whispered to me "See.  I told you I would take care of you."  

No.  Tickets aren't a necessity, but when God tells us to be anxious for nothing or that he knows are needs as supplies as he sees fit, it's for real.  And I love the sweet reminders I find in odd a set of tickets to a football game.


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