Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ever since our first strolls around the neighborhood, I would observe a little yellow school bus pulling up to the same house, picking up a special needs boy for his school day.  I formed many opinions about this, and made a silent promise to my own baby with special needs, “Never will a little yellow bus come to our home”.  I clung to this “Never” promise over the years, for reasons I may get into another day.
One day I spouted off some other deep conviction, a “Never” to a friend.  She kindly reminded me, “Bonnie, you always said you’d never wear stretch pants, and you’re wearing them today.”   I was a little bewildered by my inconsistency, but continued on through the years with my declarations of “Never”.
My latest, “My kids are never going to that all rich-hoity toity- high school”.  Countless friends and family members have heard me repeat this over time.  But every day I creep among the new sports cars and pristine SUV’s with our 8 year old van in the school traffic.  I stop in front of the hoity toity high school and my son leans over the seat for his blessing, hug and prayer.  It turns out; there are great opportunities for him there.  He is happy, challenged, and making great choices as a freshman.
Perhaps my “Nevers” have been spoken in pride or even fear, making projections into a future I know little about.  Little did I know about the blessings of a little yellow school bus that now comes to our home.  Our special needs son enjoys the independence, the soothing movement of the bus, the shared experience with his friends.  He runs to his seat each morning with such anticipation.  I give him a hug and a prayer, and with a grateful heart, I wave goodbye. 
Will I never say “never” again? Let’s just say I’m trying not to.  
Have you had a similar experience making a never promise? 
Have you discovered God had a blessing waiting for you when you gave up your never?   Tell us about it.

Bonnie J. Christensen


  1. My son loves the ride as well! Being a mom of a special needs child is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Raising his sister is the other. No one talks about the effects it has on the siblings.

  2. ps521, thanks for stopping by! Being a mom of a kid with special needs is tough-physically, spiritually, emotionally. Honestly tho', I think my typically developed kids can be just as difficult sometimes. I'd love to share mutual encouragement with you!