Tuesday, April 5, 2011


“Don’t ever grow up!”  How often I have said those loaded words while hugging my kids tightly.  Don’t we moms adore our children’s’ humor, innocence and sweet loving hearts?  But in the background of my home I hear that same cartoon and its monotonous music.  We’ve been listening to its redundancy year upon year, as our oldest teen with moderate developmental delays, sings and dances to the melody.  Unlike the rest of us, he rarely tires of the recurring theme and remains just as delighted as he was in his childhood.  Alas I comprehend; I want my dear children to grow up, to reach maturity in their mind, their social and emotional abilities.  This is love.  No longer gripping my children with the longing of their forever childhood, my Mama’s heart now cries, “Keep Growing Up, my love”.
Bonnie J. Christensen

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