Sunday, January 8, 2012


Brother encourages brother at Special Olympics

In my ministry and family experiences of working with young people, I am convinced those who are encouraged to develop empathy and exercise compassion in their lives benefit richly. Consider the character development that occurs in your children as you provide opportunities for them to show compassion.
  • Kids who volunteer learn to look beyond their own needs and desires.
  •  Self-pity decreases.  They are more likely to take their eyes off of their own problems and see them in perspective of others who have great need.
  • Self-importance decreases.  Their narrow adolescent world grows as they increasingly experience the needs of others.
  • They are more likely to embrace the value of treating others as they themselves want to be treated.
  • Self-indulgence decreases as they desire to give their resources to others in need.
  • Serving others brings a sense of purpose and mission to their existence (Ephesians 2:10)
  • Serving others brings personal fulfillment, satisfaction and joy as they are doing what they were created to do (Ephesians 2:10)
  • Acts of compassion promote a higher level of self-esteem due to their ability to make a contribution.
  • Moral responsibility and character are developed as children consider others in need.
  •  Acts of service and compassion develop a child’s ability to accept and communicate effectively with a diverse culture.
  • Volunteering to help others creates unique opportunities for children to use their talents and creative abilities for a purpose.
  • Serving beside others creates new friendships and builds positive memories with peers.
  • Compassionate children influence a generation, a school, and community.
  • Serving beside others promotes multi-generational understanding and respect.
  • Compassionate experiences in childhood help shape character and life-long patterns for adulthood.
This month I will be posting a series, “A World Beyond ME: Raising Compassionate Kids”.  I hope you will share your own thoughts and experiences as you follow along.

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