Monday, January 16, 2012


In a series of posts, “A World Beyond ME”, we will look at 40 acts of compassion for kids and their families.  Today, we are considering 10 Acts of Compassion kids age 10 and under can engage in with their families.
Because you want your children to grow in their capacity for compassion, allow them to have their creative input in your service choice.  Come alongside them as you serve, nudging them to take initiative.
While you participate in acts of compassion with your family, be aware you are a role model as you enjoy the service. Your kids are watching your interactions,  your attitudes ,and your acceptance of others. Don’t forget to let your kids use their own hands and feet and voice!  This is the best way for them to build upon their confidence and ability to care for others.
  1. Run or walk with an organized 5k to support your favorite charity:  Special Olympics, Breast Cancer Research, Run to Feed the Hungry
  2. Raise your own funds to support your favorite charity through garage sales, car washes, or another creative idea.
  3. Mow the lawn together, shovel snow off a sidewalk or take out the trash for an elderly neighbor.
  4. Share your talents or play games and cards with folks at a local home for the elderly.
  5. Find out about shut-ins at your church who may need errands run, a homemade dinner,  items fixed, windows cleaned or junk dumped.
  6. Serve dirty water at dinner, and then talk about raising or saving money for many people who do not have clean drinking water or wells (
  7. Create artwork to thank someone or encourage someone in need of some emotional support.
  8. Do a family member’s chores at home.  Consider doing it on the sly or leave a special “anonymous” note.
  9. Bring baked goods to the local fire station and create a handmade thank you card.
  10. Donate your old books to a child in need.  Pick up an extra coloring book at the store.  Consider local churches, shelters, libraries or Head Start to bring your donation.
We would love to hear your ideas and experiences engaging your children ages 10 and under in compassionate acts!  Please add to the list your ideas.


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