Monday, August 22, 2011


"Brokenness ...  brokenness is what I long for ... Brokenness ... brokenness is what I need ...Brokenness ... brokenness is what You want from me"

~ I tend to want the resurrection without going through the grave.

~ When it comes to my heart, I've learned there are no shortcuts, no exceptions, no substitutes ... it always begins with humility before God.

~ Pride renders me more useless to God and others than any kind of failure.

~ When I get caught up in religion, I am very far from God.

~ My self-will must be shattered & my self-reliance must be stripped away to be broken.

~ In reality, those who refuse to die are the ones who give up everything.

~ Warning signs in my life that I'm far from broken:
   defensive when corrected
   prone to manipulate and control
   first instinct is to 'cover up'
   more concerned about the consequence my sin causes
   driven to extremes
   protecting my reputation
   wounded when overlooked
   keeping others at arm's length
   need to have last word
   critical & easy to see where growth is needed in others
   self-conscious and comparing

~I pray for a fresh vision of my God ... for Him to show me His glory in new ways!

~ I can choose to be broken. I don't have to wait for God to break me.

~ I try to tell God every morning that I need Him.

~ I seek to live each day revolved around God's Glory.

"It's a wonder what God can do with a broken heart, if He gets all the pieces!"
Samuel Chadwick

What have you learned about brokenness in your life? What are you warning signs that tell you pride is getting in your way? Let's encourage one another!

Christie Lee Rayburn

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