Monday, March 28, 2011


That is how much is needed if you want to donate your hair to Locks of Love so that another little girl may have a chance at a head of hair. During our homeschool about a week back, we were talking about ways we can share and help others. We spoke of sharing our toys, our fruit snacks, our time, our energy, etc until Mama, with her ever-present big mouth, says something along the lines of "We can also share our body parts!".

If there ever was a moment where there was a Life Pause Button, it would have been that moment. I knew that if I didn't quickly add the appropriate direction on to the end of that sentence, we would have to discuss death and organ donations and how they do that and why we have to die and the conversation would end in tears as Caelan begs me to never die. Trust me...I have been there!

So...I quickly added how we can donate our hair, our blood or organs that we don't maybe need as much as other people who do. Hair?  This peaked Caelan's interest as she would NEVER consider cutting her gorgeous locks. Over the course of the week, she asked me random questions like "Does hair grow back?", "Why don't other people have hair?", "How do they use donated hair?", etc. I answered each one as best as I could and showed her pictures of what cancer treatments do to people and their hair. She was deeply touched.
On one special night, she and I did our nightly cuddle time and she whispered to me "Mama...I think I want to donate all of my hairs to a little girl who needs it." My heart melted. Not wanting to wait too long and lose the opportunity, my fingers dialed that salon as fast as I could to make an appointment.

What an amazing organization Locks of Love is! How they coordinate and appropriate all this hair that had once been trash, and turn it in to such a gift for these beautiful women and girls is unbelievable to me. I was so moved by Caelan's moved by her.

Rubberbanding the hair together to prep it for the donation. They have organized rules to make sure that as much hair as possible can be kept for re-purposing.
She was SO happy to see it get cut off. I almost cried but ended up holding it together. Not that I didn't want her to cut her hair...just shocking to see her sweet baby tendrils go away.  This was her first haircut EVER you know.

As we drove home, the view in my rear view took my breath away.  My little girl who now looks like a big, grown-up girl has cut her hair off just to give to someone else.  She recognized her over abundance and considered how she could bless someone else.  Do I do that?  In all the blessings poured out on me, do I rubber band sections and give them away?  Do I put myself under the scissors to help someone I don't know?  Do I take my FIRST harvest and give away even a portion of the things that were so graciously given to me?      

She taught me such a huge lesson that morning.  We are the parents, true...but the things they teach us sometimes...amazing.    

Amy B 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Amy. What a gift to see the heart of God reflected in our children. What a gift to catch the lesson.